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Lifestyle Design : Live Your Life By Designing Your Destiny

Lifestyle design is creating a way of life the way you want it to be. It includes designing yourself and your environment and turning your vision of how you like to live your life, into reality.

Lifestyle design is about freedom (financially, emotionally and geographically). It is about reclaiming your time, doing the things you like with whomever you like (be it yourself or with your loved ones) wherever you want (tree change, sea change or somewhere secluded as long as you are connected to the world). It is about spending each day in the best way possible, feeling the way you want to, and making it all meaningful by helping others with what you do and contributing to the community.

We all have different definitions of happiness and success. The whole point of lifestyle design is to define it for yourself (or with the assistance of a lifestyle designer), then put in the necessary effort to get it.

It has nothing to do with conventional thinking. It is different from what average people are doing with their lives. Therefore, lifestyle design is not about waiting until you retire to travel the world. It is about finding a way to do it now or in the near future. Depending on how you want your lifestyle to look like, it may be working in jobs abroad, becoming a freelancer and doing your work remotely while traveling, or building an online business and moving to the any corner of the world (with laptop, mobile phone and internet connection) etc.

Start planning how to get your dream job (life). It may be holidaying in the Swiss Alps every year because you love skiing or owning a castle fit for a Queen in a Scottish countryside or just managing your property portfolios sipping Pina Colada in Puerto Rico, seeing your net worth increasing in your share portfolio as you scale the Great Wall of China or simply just being able to stay home spending more time with your family and loved ones without having to worry about money, the list goes on. They have one commonality, you have to put in the effort to get it or else it stays merely as a dream, an un-manifested probability.

I am a Lifestyle Designer, Destiny Analyst, Chinese Metaphysics Consultant / Strategist and Intuitive Healer.

Get in touch with me to work out how we can move your goals and aspirations from un-manifested probability into manifested reality. I use a myriad of techniques from my ever expanding toolbox to assist you in making your dream come true. Do note, this is for those who are adamant to persevere and overcome obstacles in order to get the life they deserve. It may not be easy but it sure is possible, if it is realistic and you are willing to put in your hard work to make it your reality.

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