In some of my consultations, asking the right question clearly is crucial for me to be able to assist in finding a solution from my reading / assessment.  I noticed that some clients are able to ask very clear and precise questions while others struggle in this area. 

Let me share some Do’s and Don’ts to stimulate your thinking.

As much as possible, try to refrain from asking a "Yes" or "No" question unless absolutely necessary.



Would I get promoted to Project Director?

Will I get this new job?

Should I sell my investment property?

Is Clarkson my Mr Right?

Will my girlfriend and I get married?

Is my granduncle unwell?

Can I get the scholarship?


What must I do in order to be promoted to the role of Project Director in company ABC?

Would involving myself in the company’s Pet Project XYZ result in my promotion to a Senior Executive role and what are the other ways for me to improve my chances of getting this new job?

What are the long term effects of the relationship with my boyfriend, Nick?

What are the areas which my grandfather needs to be aware of in terms of  his health?

How can I secure the scholarship to EFG University by this year?

Asking the right questions

Similarly, one can ask questions in relation to Career, Wealth, Health, Relationship, Family etc if the questions are structured clearly. 

Your ability to ask the right questions with clarity, will allow me to find possible solutions to them, which can ultimately aid your decision making process.

Remember, by changing the way we ask questions, we open ourselves up to all possibilities and choices.


Define your outcome and structure your questions to help you make better decisions.

Ask "How To..." or "What can be done..."  type of questions.  This is because it allows the energy chart to provide insights on the possible options that one can take to achieve one's goals.

Ask questions regarding an action you intend to take to achieve an objective so that the chart can help determine if that particular action you have in mind would meet your desired outcome.​

If you structure your questions in an unambiguous manner, it is likely that you can even ask the energy chart about the blind spots that could possibly derail your plan. 

Once recommendations / suggestions have been given as a road map, follow through with the actions that bring you a step closer to your goal.

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