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What sort of Healing do you offer?

Cezannese, Pellowah, Reiki etc.  I offer a combination of modalities from my toolbox depending on what I deem most suitable for the well-being of my clients.  Do check out the link at the Energy Healing Page on my website by pressing "More".  My special emphasis is on emotional healing and distant healing.

How long does each healing session take?

It depends.  Typically 45 mins to 1 hour, inclusive of pre-healing and post-healing consultations.  Get in touch with me to discuss your circumstances.

How many healing sessions do I require?

There are no fix numbers as it depends on each individual and your own state of mind, health and physical, emotional conditions.

Distant / Absent Healing?

Yes.  I can perform healing either in person or via distant / absent healing.  The choice is up to you.  Physical distance is not an obstacle or challenge whatsoever. 

I do require permission to heal, if you are requesting the healing to be conducted on another person other than yourself.

Distant Healing vs In-person Healing

In my opinion, Distant Healing or Absent Healing is as effective and if not more effective than in person healing.  That is because the healing vibration is not affected by distance and I am able to utilise a specialised technique to improve its efficacy.

While sometimes those having distant healing cannot feel the energy and remained unconvinced that they have received healing, know that some people do not even feel anything while receiving in person healing.

Those who have enough faith in the healing and universal energies knows for sure the healing has worked on him or her.  At times, instantaneously and other times, over the course of a few days, weeks and even months.

I cannot feel the energy, is it working?

Yes.  Some healing process are rather instant whereas others take some time.  It is a very individualised experience.

That is why it is always a challenge for energy healers to convince sceptical clients.  If one is not open to receive, no healing will occur.  It does not matter if one felt or did not feel the energy.

My suggestion, be open to receive healing energies, you don't need to feel it. If you are here on this site, I truly believe I am able to help you in your healing journey because of the concept of affinity.

After all, the Universe works in a mysterious way :)

Do I have to meet you face to face to obtain a Chinese Metaphysics (CM) consultation?

Not necessary.  Subject to your own requirements and my availability.  It does not affect the quality of my assessment.

Can I obtain a CM reading / assessment if I am not based in your location?

Yes.  You just need to have an email address and social media for us to communicate with each other privately.

What can I expect my CM reading to be like?

If you expect it to be good, then it will certainly be.  The same also applies to your healing sessions.

Why is my birth time important?

Without this, the chances for me to be able to help you and make your money and effort worthwhile is only 50% as opposed to 75% or even more.

Thanks for submitting!


Consultant, Strategist

Chinese Metaphysics

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