Energy Healing Testimonials


I have been diagnosed with slipped disc at lumbar 4 and 5 of my spine. Because of this condition, I often develop numbness and pain on both my legs.

While I was on a walking tour in the city of Spain two days ago, I suddenly pulled a cramp. Then both my legs went soft because of the numbness and the pain.   I was wobbling along behind the others. I almost collapsed as I could not walk any longer.  Luckily, two of my tour mates were walking behind me.  They both supported me with my arms on each of their shoulders. They shoulder-carried me and practically lifted and dragged me along for about two hundred meters.

We were able to catch up with the others later. When we reached the hotel that night, I was still having the numbness and pain.  Then one of our tour members recommended me to try on energy healing.  She knows a healer who is practising distant healing from Melbourne. I had no choice but to have a go at it as I still had the numbness and pain. Through my tour mate, I contacted this distant healer by WhatsApp. I immediately arranged for a healing session on a fixed time in Spain.

After the healing session (I was told the healer chose to use Reiki and Cezannese), the numbness and pain of my legs were greatly relieved. I felt much better.  I was filled with awe as this healing works.  Imagine that I was in Zaragoza (Spain) and the healer is in Melbourne, more than 17,000 kilometers away from each other.  That was really fantastic. I couldn't believe it! To be truthful, I was quite skeptical at first. But because of the severe pain I experienced, I had to give myself a try.

Thank you Adelyn.  You really did a great job on me.  Because of you, I was able to enjoy the rest of my trip to Spain and Portugal.  You not only helped me, but also relieved the inconvenience caused to the rest of the tour members.  We were able to continue to our next destination on schedule.

Once again, Thanks Adelyn.  I shall arrange more distant healing sessions from you when I am back home in Malaysia.

S. Francis 
Zaragoza, Spain
12 October, 2018.