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Faint Glow

Benefits of
Energy Healing

Get back to your balanced self with this unique healing service. 
Benefits of the various Healings 
1. to align mind and soul,
2. to get in touch with one's own spirituality,
3. to improve one's overall well-being,
4. to clear physical, mental or emotional blockages,
5. to expand one's consciousness
6. to relax and reduce stress
7. to realign the Qi that moves within the body's Meridians
8. to address acute pain
9. to work on chronic conditions

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DSC_1055 - Copy.JPG

An impeccable depiction of the Energy (Qi) Ball manipulation as drawn by a 10 year old child artist from Melbourne, Amelia Chan.  Thank you Amelia for capturing the likeness of me and the Qi Ball in your vision.

Adelyn Siaw

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