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Adelyn Siaw

Insights, healing, better decisions and certainty for your personal, career, business and family life

Your beliefs and emotions determine your prosperity and well-being

Many times, you want to be able to evaluate your options, find solutions to your challenges, or even in need of direction for the future .  Whether you are considering your career choices, your business strategies, or you simply just require that additional bit of insight, I can help you / your organisations with some certainty to strive for emotional stability and peace of mind.

I help change the mindsets of clients as well as alleviate their physical and emotional "pains" arising from their personal, professional or business challenges.  Particularly so, when they are at the crossroads of their lives or facing the dilemma of having too many options or no options at all in their career or businesses.  As an intuitive energy healer and metaphysics consultant, how I do it is not important, how you do it, is more important.  That is because some of my solutions (via multi modality healing and energy adjustments) require you to take the necessary actions.

If you have tried many methods and they are not working, let us explore tapping into the unknown or uncharted territory to resolve your challenges.  You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain if you are open to give these methods or tools a try.

Welcome, I am Adelyn.  Take a look around, explore my site and see how can I add more value to you, your everyday life, your goals and aspirations in order to help you design the lifestyle of your dreams.


Let me, assist you, in getting what you want.

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My Background

A Metaphysical Practitioner, Consultant, Profiler, Strategist, Astrologer, Lifestyle Designer, Facilitator and Intuitive Healer, Pellowah Practitioner & Trainer, Reiki Shihan (Traditional Usui System) and Saraswati Temple Healer.

I believe that the Universe has a way of guiding us forward through our lives. As an Energy Healer and practitioner of Chinese Metaphysics, my focus is to bring forth awareness and healing, as well as to share with others how to recognise their own hidden talents so that they can maximise their inborn potential to achieve better health, greater wealth, happiness and fulfilment.

I also utilise a myriad of tools, techniques to guide and assist my clients to design a lifestyle of their choice and to work towards their dreams realistically.  I am ever willing to hold your hand on your journey of personal transformation and energetic expansion.

I do not have a dedicated "About Me" tab because it is "ABOUT YOU".  That is the whole point!


Let me, help you, achieve what you want instead.

My Vision

To Make a Difference

I combine Chinese Metaphysics Tools and Intuitive Healing with my background in Corporate Strategy, Global Mobility and International Business in order to touch more lives now and into the future.

The 5 C’s of Life

Certainty: the need to feel safe, secure and comfortable.

Change: the need to be challenged because change is the only constant.

Connection: the need to feel togetherness, connectivity, love and warmth with ourselves and others.

Cultivation: the need to learn, develop, expand and strengthen our knowledge and wisdom.

Contribution: the need to give, serve and contribute to those who genuinely require help.

Strips Psychic

"May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears"

Nelson Mandela

Happy, Fulfilled Clients - Healing

What They’re Saying

"...After the healing session (I was told the healer chose to use Reiki and Cezannese), the numbness and pain of my legs were greatly relieved. I felt much better.  I was filled with awe as this healing works.  Imagine that I was in Zaragoza (Spain) and the healer is in Melbourne, more than 17,000 kilometers away from each other.  That was really fantastic. I couldn't believe it! To be truthful, I was quite skeptical at first. But because of the severe pain I experienced, I had to give myself a try.  Thank you Adelyn."

S. Francis - Spain

"Adelyn is a very powerful healer and amazing workshop facilitator. She has a vast knowledge about Metaphysics and knows how to share it with others so they can practice it at home with ease. After only one session of Pellowah distant healing with her, the energy in my body has changed completely and motivated me to take action in areas which I needed the most.  I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs guidance and a change in their lives."

Aneta R - Melbourne

"Adelyn is a Reiki Master who teaches her students with her heart and is very passionate about energy healing. 
I have been trying to do meditation for the past 20 years but was not successful.  I managed to do and enjoy meditation after her first lesson.  Thank you very much.  
I have recommended Adelyn to my family and friends." 

ML Wong - Singapore

"I had done both Reiki and Pellowah sessions with Adelyn.  I found the Reiki sessions helped me relax from stressful days of being a working mom, it gives me the feeling of rejuvenation.  I felt good and well rested after each session.  When I tried Pellowah recently, I realised my perspective changed gradually.  I began to see the good in others instead of just focusing on their negatives.  After just one session, I noticed that people are nicer than I thought they are.  It is more like an internal growth has occurred within me.  I find that I have clearer direction and I am getting ready for opportunities in my life.  I would gladly recommend Adelyn for any healing sessions."

SN, Partner at a Law Firm

"I attended a meditation session with Adelyn Siaw and it was something I found satisfying. 

Meditation and mindset work is something I enjoy and I'm always on the journey to further improve my mindset to understand myself better, achieve my goals, become the best person I can be and further control my own thoughts and emotions.


Adelyn took me through a different type of meditation that I haven't experienced or really understood before such as elemental healing and body chakras. At the end of the session, I felt peace in my mind and I am more aware of my thoughts and decisions not just for the rest of the day but for the next few days as well. If she continues to run these classes, I will definitely like to become a regular.


She has my highest recommendation.  Thanks so much Adelyn"

Anthony H, Web Developer / Website Doctor - Melbourne

"I was feeling unwell with a bad headache and chills during a major company event.  I drank lots of water and tea but they didn't help.  A friend recommended that I sought assistance from Adelyn who was coincidentally attending the event as well.  The result of the impromptu healing I received was awesome.  I was back on my feet smiling and meeting customers and guests within 30 minutes."

Ed, Business Director - Singapore

"The Reiki course exceeded my expectations. The trainer, Adelyn has great knowledge in energy healing and the willingness to share them with her students.
Adelyn is focus and able to deliver what was said. She was able to explain in detail and demonstrate how to make use of the healing skills. This is something I can never learn from an online course."

R. Koh - Singapore

"Very enlightening. Reiki Level 2 is an overwhelming experience to achieve energy connection. I have shared my various self healing experiences with my friends. I will certainly recommend Adelyn's workshops."

L Magdalene

"I had arranged for my dad to receive Reiki Healing with Adelyn and I noticed he usually feels better after each session with her.  My dad is sensitive to healing energies.

With Saraswati Temple Healing, my family and I found that my dad's spirit is up and continues to go up.  His aura is getting brighter over the weeks we observed him.  Even his skin tone changed to a more healthy colour.  Saraswati Healing does work for my dad, but not immediately.

However, the progress is better than Reiki.  Amazing...

Thank you Adelyn."

EC Tan


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Solution for Peace of Mind

Faint Glow

Energy Healing


Pellowah Attunements L1 / L2

Tree Leaves

Overall Bazi Assessment


Add On: Time-Sensitive Energy Assessment

Big Wave

Annual Prediction

Black and White Earth

Theme Specific Questions

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Oracle Guidance


Pellowah Healing Workshop

Reiki Workshop

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Manifest Abundance Workshop

Premium Service: Lifestyle Design & Coaching

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Happy, Fulfilled Clients - Metaphysics

What They’re Saying

"Adelyn was able to use her skills in Chinese Metaphysics (CM) to help me  understand my strengths and weaknesses more.  She was also able to let me know why this year will be tougher than other years.

Furthermore, with her guidance on how to navigate colleagues, how to identify Gui Ren (Noble people), I was able to tap on what worked for me this year, whilst minimizing exposure to unfavorable things”

CC, Senior Regional Director - Singapore

"In early 2018, I was at a crossroad and my life reached its lowest point.  I needed guidance because my mind was so cluttered and I didn't know what to do.  I got to know Adelyn through my parents and I approached her for some advice.  It is truly amazing how things unfolded after her consultation.  True enough, I have always been intrigued by how a practitioner uses CM to dechiper a person's luck by looking at one's Bazi Chart. 

Adelyn is a very detailed-oriented person. She explained and guided me through the process in order to achieve my goals and how to avoid some "predicated" events (bad).  I am grateful that I found her and we have become good friends.  She's always been very honest and supportive in helping me work towards my dreams and goal.”

Charlene, Pharmacist - Australia

The Bazi & Qimen Reading was an eye opener and I would recommend Adelyn to everyone!!

Her explanations were so easy to understand and very interesting. I now know my strengths, weaknesses and my options thanks to Adelyn.  She really puts in a lot of effort into her readings. I would recommend her for consultation sessions.

SN - Malaysia

"My husband and I were contemplating switching our pre-teen daughters from Private to Public schools.  We were in a dilemma because as parents, we wanted the best for our children.  On the other hand, the private school fees were extremely cost prohibitive in the long term.  We had to tighten our belts and were at times stressed out having to make this important decision.

We spoke to Adelyn about our concerns and she gave us peace of mind using the energy and bazi destiny chart assessments.  It was more favourable in terms of growth potential and personal experiences for our daughters to be placed in a reputable public school rather than a private school.  She also suggested that we make the decision together with our daughters so that their opinions were heard."

A Relieved Mother - Australia

"I have been working for some years and came to a point where I was thinking of a change. When i got to know Adelyn provides Bazi Analysis,  I knew that would be the diagnostic tool which could help me better understand my strengths and weaknesses. 

I now know myself much better and am more aware what options lie ahead; therefore, giving me the focus to achieve them confidently."

Ng, Finance Manager - Malaysia

"I was worried as to when my daughter would get a life partner.  I chanced to know Adelyn through a friend in late 2017. I had my daughter's Bazi read by Adelyn.  I was told that my daughter will get married in 2018.

I was very sceptical because my daughter hasn't got any boyfriend yet.  But to my greatest astonishment, after 2 months, my daughter told me that a man has proposed to her.

My daughter is getting married in November this year."

Concerned mother - Malaysia

“I had been working and doing well in a job in KL.  However, later I got a promotion to work in another state.  I was in a fix to make a decision.

So I consulted Adelyn.  She told me it would be better to accept the post in the new place.  Today I am happily working with my new boss and colleagues in the new place.  Thank you Adelyn.”

A. Wong, Senior Manager - Malaysia

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Contact Me

Are you looking for answers, or perhaps would like to receive confirmation that your life is on the right track? Whatever the reason may be, you have come to the right place. I love helping people develop the skills they need to cope with all of life’s challenges, and I derive great satisfaction from seeing them heal and thrive. Contact me today and let the healing process begin.

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Consultant, Strategist

Chinese Metaphysics

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