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YiJing / I-Ching, Tarot and Oracle Cards

There were talks by some practitioners about Yi Jing (i-Ching) being far more superior to Tarot / Oracle Cards because YJ has 2 components, ie. the Wisdom component and the Divination side of things.

Having been exposed a bit to both systems, my view is they are different but the same. Meaning, neither is more superior to the other. It is in fact the skillset and ability to channel / observe the messages from the Universe that is the key. Yi Jing and Tarot / Oracle are just tools used by Diviners / Practitioners to understand the coded messages from the Universe or the Divine.

Hence, a well-trained reader will be able to decipher the Wisdom of the Universe by utilising either techniques. Tarot and Oracle cards do also provide Wisdom, just like Yi Jing.

YJ uses broken and unbroken lines, YJ Deck is generally made up of only 2 colours, black over a coloured background but it also uses elements and imagery which the practitioner needs to be familiar with Tarot uses predominately imagery, more colours and elements to tell its story.

Case in point, a Tarot Deck has 78 cards. Yi Jing has 64 Hexagrams, 8 Triagrams and 6 Yao. They are both traditionally structured system. Then if that is the case you would then ask, what about the Oracle Cards; they have different number of cards from the Tarot and YJ?

To me, the Oracle carries the energies in a different way, as interpreted by the Author and the Illustrator that makes up the “shortfall or surplus” ;) These are the modern unstructured system. Some are Aspect specific, i.e.

**Just remember, the Universe tells us what we need to know, not what we want to hear.**

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