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How can Chinese Metaphysics be applied?

In this blog, let’s explore how some of these tools can be utilized in our everyday lives. Five Arts existed thousands of years ago. Some of the more inquisitive minds reading this blog might start to question, how then would an Art created thousands of years ago be still applicable today? Answer: We pick and choose what suits. In addition, we improve on the aged old principles and customised them to suit our modern day needs and requirements. Over time, Masters of Chinese Metaphysics have adapted the art when they pass their knowledge and wisdom down to their disciples or the masses through books and their teachings. Therefore, the principles may be a few thousand years old, the appli

Brief Introduction to Chinese Metaphysics - 2

What is Chinese Metaphysics? (Part 2 – The Five Arts) Mountain Arts 山 - It encompasses the knowledge and skills acquired through years of meditating, studying and mastering ones internal Qi flow and cultivating the Dao deep within the Mountains. Martial Arts is considered a form of Mountain Art. When this was mentioned, many would picture that it is akin to Shaolin Temples atop the Mountains where Grandmasters taught their monk disciples the Shaolin Kung-fu or Wushu. This Mountain Arts were originally designed to facilitate Spiritual, Mental and Physical Development, that helps develop and balance one’s Qi 气 (Life Force Energy / Vital Energy). Traditionally, Martial Arts was an art cultiva

Brief Introduction to Chinese Metaphysics - 1

What is Chinese Metaphysics? (Part 1) Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that investigates the first principles of things, including but not limited to abstract concepts such as existence, being, knowing, space, time, cause and effect and possibilities. It comprises two branches: Cosmology and Ontology. Chinese Philosophy originated from Cosmogony, itself is the subset of Cosmology, a science which discussed the origin of the universe. That is, all things are interconnected and constantly changing. They arise spontaneously from a source called Dao or Tao 道, meaning, "The Way". Hence, Chinese Metaphysics relates to The Way. It is widely believed that the true essence of Dao cannot be fu


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